3-Month-Old Kitten Survives 6,500 Mile Journey in a Shipping Container


Kitten Survives 6,500 Mile Journey in a Shipping Container – as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

Imagine a small animal stowed away amongst the massive amounts of cargo on a freight ship. It seems impossible for one to survive, especially on a 6,500 mile journey from Shanghai to California, but a three month old kitten did just that. The baby female cat was discovered when the container she was trapped in was delivered to a Compton business. Subsequently, she was taken to Carson Animal Center. Although she suffered through the trip without food or hydration, the kitten is under care now and will be put up for adoption once she is vaccinated.

In Plymouth, United Kingdom, a young kitten almost got crushed in trash recently after someone threw her into a recycling bin. While the Devon Contract Waste Depot’s workers were crushing that day’s trash, they heard the kitten’s cries and halted the machine just in time to save her. Since then, the kitten has been under the care of the waste company’s staff and has been given the name ‘Lucky’. A four week old kitten was recently run-over twice by a lawnmower and survived. A Montana man was mowing his neighbor’s lawn when he noticed the cat after 2 passes through knee-height grass. The stray kitten, named Mr. Puddin is perfectly well and is now up for adoption.
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