These Best-Selling Containers Keep Produce Fresh for Weeks


There’s nothing quite like going to the market and picking up a beautiful batch of fresh produce.But oftentimes, you need the right containers to make the most of it.That’s why Amazon shppers love this Luxear set, because it can keep bigger batches of food from wilting and rotting. .This top-rated container set includes three bowls designed to expand the life of lettuce and all greens, fruits, and berries.The set has features optimized for freshness—like filtered trays and air vents—that keeps produce fresh. .The containers also come with adjustable inner partitions to keep food separate and draining bottoms that double as colanders.The set is on sale for $40 now, but you’ll save even more money by not having to toss out spoiled produce every week
40 ft Shipping Storage Container for sale  
20 ft Shipping Storage Container for sale  

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